Caribbean Icons in STI Volume 2

This second volume continues the series by profiling 38 outstanding individuals who have excelled in science and science-related fields, from agriculture to virology. These achievers represent 11 countries in the Caribbean, and their stories span more than 150 years of Caribbean history.

Our Icons defended natural habitats, dived for interesting artefacts, managed outbreaks of disease, discovered viruses, protected the region’s crops, chased hurricanes, and also braved battlefields to treat injured soldiers. They often enjoyed full, well-rounded lives, as shown by our line-up, which includes a war veteran, an Olympian, a preacher and a middle-aged marathon runner!

The lives of these individuals are a testament to the boundless potential of Caribbean people, who represent such a small fraction of the world’s population. By showing how our Icons used the few opportunities they had to triumph over their obstacles, we hope to inspire our young readers to shine in their own fields, and to become the Caribbean Icons of this new century.