T+T Icons In Science & Technology Volume II

NIHERST is pleased to present this second volume in the Trinidad and Tobago Icons in Science and Technology series, which was launched at the end of 2005. The series showcases the lives and achievements of individuals who have attained a high level of distinction, world-class in most cases, in their respective spheres of endeavour. While the main focus of the series is on individuals who worked, or are working, in strictly scientific and technology-related fields, the scope also extends to persons who, through their creativity and hard work, have distinguished themselves in other disciplines and professions, and whose innovations are, nevertheless, considered scientific and/or technological. By including their profiles, the aim is to illustrate that there is science in everything, and that knowledge and human ingenuity, applied to any area of activity, including the cultural or artistic, can lead to tremendous innovations and new technologies which will enhance and spur the development of that arena.