ANTHROPOLOGY: the study of human beings from early times to the present day


NUTRITIONAL ANTHROPOLOGY: the study that links nutrition with the biology and cultures of people. It determines how culture impacts on their food, health, and nutrition.

Norge Jerome (Date of Birth: 3rd Nov 1930)

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Dr. Norge Jerome is Professor Emeritus of Preventive Medicine (Nutritional Anthropology), University of Kansas School of Medicine. She developed Nutritional Anthropology as a new discipline and spent over 40 years as a professional nutritionist, educator, and consultant in this field.

Norge Winifred Jerome was born on November 3rd 1930 in Mon Plaiser, Grenada. She passed the Senior Cambridge Examinations at age 16 from St. Joseph’s Convent. She attended Howard University, Washington DC on scholarship to become a dietitian. She obtained master’s and doctoral degrees from University of Wisconsin. While pursuing her doctorate, she launched Nutritional Anthropology, studies relating to food habits, nutrition, and cultural impacts. She became a professor at the University of Kansas in 1967. She researched food intake and human performance in Egypt and food consumption patterns of black communities in America and Grenada. In 1980, she published the book “Nutritional Anthropology: Contemporary approaches to diet and culture”. Jerome advanced women-in-development and promoted solar cookers in Africa.

She served as Director of the Office of Nutrition, US Agency for International Development. Retired since 1996, she established the Dr. Norge W. Jerome Grenada Teachers’ Awards. She was honoured by the Institute of Caribbean Studies and the Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, University of Kansas. She advises young people to sustain their creativity and encourages Caribbean people to “believe in each other and embrace change”.